Name: Margot Wells.

Occupation: Founder and president, Archive, parent company of five bath and beauty lines. Her favorite product is the verbena and lemongrass bubble bath.

Age and home: 32, Littleton, Colo.

History: The philosophy/English major launched her business with $150 in 1992. Today the $11 million company has two freestanding stores, and its products are sold in 2,500 stores nationwide.

Employees: 23, plus more than 100 sales representatives.

Keeping it in the family: Her business partner is fiancé Paul Burlew and her mother, Marilyn, is director of operations. "There is nobody I can trust more than my mom to understand my stresses, frustrations, and needs."

So, any fun summer plans? "I run day-to-day operations from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. From 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. is creative time. I'm not interested in vacationing. It's not as much fun as dreaming up something new."

Does she ever steal soap and shampoo from hotels? "I do appreciate other people's products -- I can learn from them."

Things I Can't Live Without...

Apple Titanium PowerBook G4

$1,999 and up: "It is light, pretty, and little, allowing me to work anywhere -- even my bed."

Packaging Design & Graphics, Volume 1 (PIE Books, Japan)

"I love Japanese design. The difference between Japanese packaging and American packaging is that in Japan, what you give a gift in is as important as the gift."

A photo of my dad

"For calm and inspiration. He was a music teacher who so wanted me to succeed."

Intuous grip pen

$69.95: "It's more natural to use than a mouse when doing artwork."

...And What I Covet

Country Swedish Gustavian day bed, $5,833: "My environment -- home and office -- is important to me. I want both to be colorful, upbeat, and cozy. This would make a nice addition to my family room."