The Donald is looking for his own private Mini Me. This month, NBC begins shooting a reality show called The Apprentice, in which 16 or so contestants -- some Ivy League M.B.A.'s, some street-smart entrepreneurs -- compete to win a six-figure salary and an executive job in the Trump empire. Auditions this summer drew lines several blocks long, as producers searched for people who could "bounce back after failing," "succeed in a cutthroat environment," and "think creatively." Weekly "assignments" will include outfoxing the house at one of Trump's casinos or running a city hot-dog stand. "It's all about using street smarts, book smarts, and natural abilities," says NBC spokesman Jim Dowd. "Anything that helps you make a profit." Trump and his top execs will quiz candidates during each episode, and fire one each week, Survivor-style. Plus, participants will live together in a Manhattan loft-style apartment. The show is set to air early next year.