Your November article on Aquascape ["Building a Marketing Juggernaut," by Bo Burlingham] was somewhat misleading. Aquascape is very good at marketing, but it also has a high rate of defectors. Our company was one of its top distributors, but, like others, we tired of listening to Greg Wittstock tell everyone how great he is. Now we're a major competitor of Aquascape (having gone into manufacturing). Most of our top customers are former Aquascape customers. Our sales tripled in the past few years, mostly because of Greg. I truly hope he continues what he's doing because he's very good for our business!

Dave Ouwinga, Vice President
EasyPro Pond Products
Grant, Mich.

Do Not Call's Downside

I enjoyed Ellen Neuborne's article "Telemarketing After 'Do Not Call'" [November]. Yet I'm concerned about the effect the legislation will have. As Neuborne points out, it costs money to "scrub" the telemarketing lists free of Do Not Call members. My guess is that more small businesses will focus on another inexpensive form of marketing--e-mail marketing--meaning that we should all be prepared for more spam.

Margie Fisher, President
Margie Fisher Public Relations
Boca Raton, Fla.

Rescuing Rover

I wanted to contact Myriam Zaoui about Julian, the dog she saved in "Creature Comfort" [Private Lives, November]. I'm sure she knows black Shar-Peis are prone to diseases. Like Zaoui, I controlled a black Shar-Pei's kidney disease using immune-boosting herbs. But our dog died quickly from an autoimmune disorder. Zaoui should have Julian's blood tested every 90 days. Our Shar-Pei was 17 days late on her blood test when we lost her.

Vickie Parsons, Owner
Neem Tree Farms
Brandon, Fla.


Inc. mistakenly omitted the following companies from the 2003 Inc. 500 list:

Five-Year Growth Rank (tied)
Livingston, Mont.
1,062% 155
Advanced Internet Technologies
Fayetteville, N.C.
695% 249
Sandy Beaches Software
Oklahoma City
404% 428
Telwares Communications
Destin, Fla.
316% 499

Kentucky's gross state product was $120.3 billion in 2001, the most recent year available, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis. In "Running the Gauntlet at Wal-Mart" in November, we inaccurately reported that the company's sales in one day exceeded the state's output in a year. In our November story "Building a Marketing Juggernaut," we said that Greg Wittstock had trademarked "The Pond Guy." We should have said that he'd attempted to trademark it. The mark was registered by another person. We apologize to Mirzett Evans ("Private Lives") for transposing his name in the December table of contents. We also regret inadvertently printing an incorrect page number on the newsstand cover of the December issue. The feature "America's Worst Business" started on page 80, not on 72.

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