We've assembled respected consultants from across the country who can help you do everything from organize your desk to manage your time. Inc. asked executives, professors, and experts themselves for recommendations then selected those known for their work with entrepreneurs.

Professional Organizers

Organizers create filing systems, help you master personal technology, and develop systems for dealing with and discarding e-mail and paper--they'll even sit on the floor sifting out what you do and don't need. They'll analyze why you're disorganized and devise ways to break bad habits.

Stephanie Denton
Denton & Co.

Cincinnati 513-871-8800;

Denton clears cluttered office spaces, creating filing and paper management systems to enhance efficiency.

Fees: $1,500-3,000/day (one-on-one consultations or group workshops)

Barbara Hemphill
Hemphill Productivity Institute

Raleigh, N.C. 919-773-0722 or 800-427-0237;

The author of the Paper Tiger books on organizing, Hemphill enlists "certified productivity trainers" (see www.4ptacs.com for a listing) who use filing software she developed to help people get a handle on to-do lists. She's especially knowledgeable about home-based businesses.

Fees: Initial assessment, $350; then from $65/hour; one-day one-on-one session with Hemphill, $2,500

Julie Morgenstern
Julie Morgenstern's Task Masters

New York City 212-544-8722;

Considered the doyenne of organizing home and office spaces, O columnist Morgenstern also offers time management coaching, speeches, and seminars. Some sessions can be conducted via telephone.

Fees: Initial assessment, $350-500; then $85-250/hour

Linda Rothchild
Cross It Off Your List

New York City 212-725-0122 or 888-XOFFLIST;

Rothchild and her consultants deliver hands-on workshops on streamlining paper and projects, especially after a relocation. They also offer "lifestyle manage- ment" services, e.g., they'll pick up dry cleaning, arrange telephone installations, or shop for gifts.

Fees: $85-150/hour; personal assistance, $65/hour

Stephanie Winston

New York City 212-533-8860;

Author of The Organized Executive, Winston trains clients to change their habits. Many of her clients are home-based businesses. She offers one-on-one sessions, seminars, and seminar-work sessions with office employees.

Fees: $1,500/day per person


The workshops, consultants, and products here are based on Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. www.franklincovey.com

The official site of industry trade group the National Association of Professional Organizers includes a referral search engine and personal organizer FAQs. www.napo.net

Professional organizers by state and country are listed on this site. www.organizeyourworld.com

Executive Coaches

Executive coaches help you escape ruts, providing critiques and feedback that are often unavailable when you're the boss. They'll help you tackle dilemmas as diverse as "Why do my employees keep quitting?" to "How do I take three months' vacation while improving my profits 30%?" to "What behavior befits a CEO?" Some coaches have hourly or daily billing rates (when you have a specific problem); others are on retainer (when you want to change your behavior).

David Allen
The David Allen Co.

Ojai, Calif. 805-646-8432;

Widely respected productivity coach Allen has advised more than 400,000 workers on how to better their performance for more than 25 years. His speeches focus on vision, productivity, and time and stress management.

Fees: Seminars, $10,000/day, $18,000/two days; one-on-one coaching, $5,000/day, two-day minimum. Other David Allen Co. consultants, $2,500/day

Eric Allenbaugh
Allenbaugh Associates Inc.

Lake Oswego, Oreg. 503-635-3963;

Former hospital administrator Allenbaugh counts a large number of health care organizations and administrators among his clients, along with CEOs, corporate boards, and government executives. In the 25 years since his hospital days, he's been consulting and coaching on leadership and management development, focusing on long-term results.

Fees: $5,500/day; $400/hour

Maria Bailey

Pompano Beach, Fla. 954-943-2322 x2;

A mother of four, Bailey is an authority on how executive mothers can achieve familywork balance. She offers both individuals and companies programs and seminars on creating working-mother-sensitive corporate environments.

Fees: Seminars, $1,000-2,200; individual coaching, $200+/hour

Marjorie Brody
Brody Communications Ltd.

Jenkintown, Pa. 800-726-7936;

Coach, speaker, and consultant Brody teaches polished, effective communication and presentation skills.

Fees: Varies, $5,000-12,000

Center for Creative Leadership

Greensboro, N.C. 336-545-2810;

This educational center, ranked No. 1 for leadership development by BusinessWeek, has campuses worldwide that offer both custom and open-enrollment programs and assessment and training products. Six programs are an especially good fit for entrepreneurs: the Leadership Development Program, the Looking Glass Experience, Foundations of Leadership, Coaching for Development, Building Resilience, and Leading Creatively.

Fees: Varies; for six programs above, $3,600-6,000

Laura Berman Fortgang
InterCoach Inc.

Montclair, N.J. 973-857-8180 or 888-23-COACH;

The author of Take Yourself to the Top: The Secrets of America's No. 1 Career Coach and Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction, life/career coach Fortgang helps you define goals: I want to make more money, I want work-life balance, and (especially popular after Sept. 11) I want to find meaning in my life. Her services include ongoing e-mail support and access to a database of professionals and organizations that can further your goals.

Fees: $1,000-1,500/month for three months

Marshall Goldsmith

Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. 858-759-0950;

Top executive coach Goldsmith works with each client, usually large corporations and nonprofits, for more than a year to achieve long-term change in interpersonal relationships--helpful for entrepreneurs at growing companies who suddenly need to learn to delegate, for example. His network of trained coaches (see listing at www.a4sl.com) takes the same approach at different price points.

Fees: $100,000+/year

Richard Leider
The Inventure Group

Minneapolis 952-249-5222;

Life coach Leider and his group of advisers help executives find a mission and purpose in life--through their business and outside of it. (Indeed, when Goldsmith needed life-planning advice, he hired Leider.)

Fees: $10,000/three months; $50,000/year

The Strategic Coach

Toronto 416-531-7399 or 800-387-3206;

For entrepreneurs with incomes over $200,000, the specialized Strategic Coach Program helps them in the office (like hiring the right employees and increasing income) and out (like spending guilt-free time with family). It also offers a How the Best Get Better program for new entrepreneurs as well as advanced programs. Workshops are held throughout North America.

Fees: Varies depending on program and location, $4,500-15,000

Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy International

Solana Beach, Calif. 858-481-2977;

Work hard, set goals, and achieve: That's the credo of Tracy, the author of 32 books and well-known executive coach. His yearlong Focal Point program helps entrepreneurs earning more than $100,000 a year set goals, increase income, and feel comfortable taking more vacation.

Fees: Focal Point, $3,500


Life Matters: Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work, Family, Time, and Money, by A. Roger and Rebecca R. Merrill. Time management experts argue for a family-centered life.

The Procrastinator's Handbook: Mastering the Art of Doing It Now, by Rita Emmett. This manual offers effective techniques to combat a bad habit that leads to poor performance and stress.

Getting It Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, by David Allen. A how-to on creating files and action-item lists.

The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. Now in its third edition, this guidebook details how ordinary people become great leaders.

On Becoming a Leader, by Warren Bennis. The management guru's classic text on how to make leadership a personal trait stresses the importance of learning from failure.

Stress and Burnout

Counselors help you find strategies to reduce stress (which sabotages peak performance and leads to health problems) and "let go" so you can cope with the rigors of running a company, as well as enjoy life outside the office.

Steven Berglas

Los Angeles 310-305-3257;

The clinical psychiatrist and professor (he teaches at USC-Marshall after logging 25 years at Harvard Med's psychiatry department) helps businesses ensure employees aren't on the burnout or white-collar-crime track and helps execs overcome self-defeating behavior and burnout.

Fees: Varies depending on nature and duration of work

Mark Gorkin
Stress Doc Enterprises

Washington, D.C. 202-232-8662; www.stressdoc.com

"Psychohumorist" Gorkin helps you tackle stress, anger, difficult people, and organizational change. Most of his clients are corporations, associations, and government agencies or nonprofits.

Fees: $1,500-3,500 for presentations and workshops

Professionals in Crisis Program
The Menninger Clinic

Houston 713-275-5000 or 800-351-9058;

An in-patient program for high-functioning professionals with severe depression; anxiety, addictive, personality, and other behavioral and psychiatric disorders; and anger, burnout, or career issues. Treatments are tailored to each patient's goals, background, diagnosis, and needs. Length of stay varies, and includes group sessions with other professionals and preparation for re-entering the career world.

Fees: $775/day

Susie Mantell
Relax...Intuit LLC

Chappaqua, N.Y. 888-NOW RELAX;

Mantell's relaxation CD, Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace, helps listeners conquer stress, sleeplessness, pain, depression, and exhaustion; Mantell herself helps clients work through health-related, work-related, chronic, and traumatic stress.

Fees: $120/hour for individual phone consultation


The companion website to University of Pennsylvania psychology guru Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness book includes tests to assess stress and happiness levels. www.authentichappiness.org

This site features tips and articles on time and stress management. www.mindtools.com

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, and Matthew McKay. This book packs diagrams with advice on alleviating stress through meditation and breathing exercises.

The Truth About Burnout, by Christina Maslach and Michael Leiter. Two respected academics argue that organizations are at fault for employees' burnout levels.

Stephanie Clifford is a freelance writer based in New York City.

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