If you have a "no excuses" absentee policy, you might be missing out on some laughs. Accountemps, a financial staffing firm, asked 150 executives for the most imaginative explanations they've heard from employees requesting a day off. Accountemps' Brett Good was "surprised at the creativity" of the alibis. "With the economy the way it is, people are worried about taking time off," Good posits, "so they craft elaborate stories." Here are some that could have used a little more crafting.

"I just got a new tattoo and need a few days to recover."

"I need time to find myself."

"I need a day off because it's supposed to snow."

"My cat has hairballs."

"The pool is broken."

"I need to practice for the square-dancing contest in town today."

"I have plastic surgery scheduled."

"I'm going to jail."

"I need a leave of absence to try another job. But if it doesn't work out I'd like to come back."

"My garage door is broken."

"I'm taking three days off to sing in the opera."

"I'm going to be in a kick-boxing contest."

"Our church is having a bus trip."

"I'm taking a few days off to start my own business."