Now you can watch cable without the cables, and wirelessly surf the Web at the same time -- anywhere in your house. Combining a TV with a Web tablet, Sony's LocationFree TV lets you roam 100 feet from the included base station, which connects to your cable or satellite box. The 5.3-pound LF-X1 model has a 12.1-inch screen, great for toting to the kitchen or bedroom. At 7 inches and 1.2 pounds, the LF-X5 is better for travel. Both have a three-hour battery life and an onscreen keyboard. Here's the coolest trick: If you connect the base station in your home to the Internet, the LocationFree TV can tune in to your cable box from any Wi-Fi hot spot. You do, however, need 300 Kbps of uplink speed for tolerable video streaming, which not all ISPs support. LF-X1, $1,500; LF-X5, $1,000;