The new year brings with it new desires, new goals, and new problems. We asked CEOs of growing companies to tell us what they hope to accomplish in their businesses and personal lives in 2005.

"My resolution is to be a funnier father in 2005. My kids are tired of my same old jokes and pranks."
-- Mark Richman, For Any Occasion, Tampa

"Strengthen my faith-walk with God. The more I do, the more capable I will be in my role as leader."
-- Dudley Slater, Integra Telecom, Portland, Oreg.

"Launch a philanthropy program."
-- Venus McNabb GeeksOnTime, Phoenix

"Rely on myself and not on conventional measures or the judgment of others to know I have done well."
-- Rina Yasuda, Insyght Interactive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

"Unplug for three weeks. I haven't done that since 1995."
-- Tehseen Ali Verian Technologies, Charlotte, N.C.

"Take my three children to more Red Sox games."
-- Jeffrey Gilbard, Advanced Vision Research, Woburn, Mass.

"I want to stop cussing so much. I drop the F-word so often, I don't even think about it anymore."
-- Christy Webber, Christy Webber & Co., Chicago

"Spend more time thinking strategically. I'd also like to take some long drives on my motorcycle."
-- Diana Frerick, Karaoke Star Store & Stage, Phoenix

"I give time to my business, my family, my community, but not me. This has to change. Of course, that was my resolution last year, too."
-- Katherine Putnam, Package Machinery, West Springfield, Mass.