A month after penning a letter to President Bush in our January 2004 issue, Jack Stack got an unexpected reply: Air Force One swooped over his factory in Springfield, Mo., bringing the commander in chief for a personal visit. Stack, the CEO of SRC Holding Corp. and a longtime Inc. contributing editor, was thrilled to discuss his thoughts about how government could help businesses take greater advantage of changes in federal tax laws. President Bush has since taken this theme a step further by making a simplified tax code one of the top priorities of his second term. But tax policy is just one (and perhaps not even the most crucial) area that the President can address to strengthen the nation's entrepreneurial economy. And that's why we asked Jack to write a second letter to the President, this time highlighting such issues as rising health care costs, increased foreign competition, high fuel prices, and worsening shortages of raw materials. Stack's constructive proposals should strike a chord with Inc. readers, but he doesn't entirely let them off the hook. As he discusses ways that government could be doing more to help business, he also points out several things businesses could be doing to help themselves. It's a letter that more than one type of president should read.