Camera phones may have lousy resolution, but they outdo even the highest- quality digital cameras in one area: the ability to share photos on the spot. Kodak's EasyShare One, out this month, changes all that. It pairs a four-megapixel camera with an optional plug-in Wi-Fi card, so you can send snapshots instantly from any hot spot or by using your home or office wireless network. Just press the share button and slide out the included stylus to tap a friend's e-mail address on the camera's three-inch rotating touchscreen. Seconds later your photos will appear in your pal's in box. You can even print without a computer or a USB cable if you spring for the compatible Printer Dock Plus ($199). Don't worry about having to delete every single photo to free up more room on your memory card; the camera comes with 256MB of memory built in, enough for 128 high-resolution, print-quality images. At 7.9 ounces, the EasyShare One is a handful, but no other camera can match its versatility. $599;