If you keep your cell phone or BlackBerry on during takeoff will your plane crash? No. The only known instance of a wireless gizmo interfering with a flight was in 2001. A cell phone on a plane taking off in Slovenia set off a fire alarm, forcing the pilot to land.

Say What?

Of 600 business people surveyed by consultants from Information Mapping, 58% said they lost up to 30 minutes per day trying to decipher disorganized, overlong, or incomprehensibly written e-mail.

Never Mind

According to AOL, 45% of e-mail users wish they could unsend a message that hasn't been read yet. A slightly smaller number of users (43%) want to be able to track where an e-mail has been forwarded.

Digital Nag

It's easy to ignore e-mail. Outlook Express can remind you to reply to messages. Click on the message and point to "follow up." Outlook will ask you what you want to do and by when. When the deadline you set arrives, a box will pop up to remind you.

Feels Good

Are BlackBerrys and the like addictive? Out-of-control thumb jockeys prompted the American Society of Hand Therapists to issue a warning against the effects of hand-held overuse. You, of course, can quit anytime you want.