Anyone can see what Adam Seifer had for lunch yesterday. Seifer, CEO of New York City-based Fotolog, has photographed every meal he's eaten in the past three years, and he posts the images daily to his blog. Nothing can stop him from whipping out his camera: not a buttoned-up lunch meeting with potential investors, not a fussy Manhattan maitre d'. Pausing before each meal to establish a shot is like a "nonreligious form of prayer," he says. That's why, even at a friend's funeral, photographing his plate felt right.

Seifer, 37, is a former freelance Web consultant who started this chronicle of chow as he was launching his business, which today hosts millions of photoblogs. Most of Seifer's favorite pictures were taken on major life-changing days, like the shot of a sandwich held above his newborn daughter's incubator at the hospital--his first meal as a father. And the one of a sandwich held aloft in Marin County, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. En route to this picnic point, Seifer learned that Fotolog had closed its first round of venture capital. "Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes never tasted so good--like two million bucks," he says.

Though as many as 15,000 weekly visitors to are scrutinizing his diet, Seifer swears he hasn't changed it for the camera. "People think I must weigh 500 pounds," he says. "I guess that's natural since I've posted 3,000 pictures of food and never posted a photo of myself." For the record, he is in fine shape at about six feet, 185 pounds.