For entrepreneurs, large goals are part of daily living. So when it comes to New Year's resolutions, they tend to think in extremes. Here's what some of them want out of 2006.

"Complete the 120-mile Triple Bypass bicycle ride through the Colorado Rockies."
Frank Fuerst, president of B2B Technologies in Atlanta

"Increase my company to 10 times its current size without selling my soul or trampling on my employees and customers."
Lou Honick, CEO of in Newark, Del.

"Retire my Crackberry."
Jay Steinmetz, president and CEO of Barcoding Inc. in Baltimore

"Every year, I resolve to balance my business and personal life. This year, I'll forget all that."
Carol E. Kuc, president and CEO of Complete Conference Coordinators in Naperville, Ill.

"I want to reduce stress: worry less, work less, relax more, and go to bed earlier. I'd go on, but if I'm late for my 18-hour job, I won't get home in time to get my three hours of sleep."
Kenny Kramm, CEO of FlavorX in Bethesda, Md.