• The Business Owner
    Candace Jennings runs Jennings Insurance Agency in Lake Oswego, Oreg. Her father founded the six-person firm in 1968. She prides herself on "really knowing" her clients.

  • Her (Former) Bank
    Jennings had been a Bank of America customer "basically forever," she says, but was increasingly dissatisfied because the staff at her BoA branch changed constantly.

  • The Appealing Start-up
    Last spring, a fellow business owner suggested that Jennings consider taking her business to Bank of Oswego, a start-up co-founded by Dan Heine. The new bank caters to local businesses.

  • The Sales Pitch
    Jennings liked the bank's posh offices, and that staffers she'd never met greeted her by name. After an hourlong meeting with Heine, she says, switching became "an emotional decision."

  • Happily Ever After
    Soon after Jennings set up operational and client trust accounts with Heine's bank, she moved her agency to an office in the same building. Heine's office-warming gift: three customer referrals.