Step 1

Ask some questions Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a compelling personal story? Who are the readers? Clients? Employees? Answer these now to avoid headaches later.

Step 2

Write the book Break the project down into bite-size chunks and be patient--a good book can take more than a year to complete. When you're finished, ask six peers to review it.

Step 3

Find a publisher New online print-on-demand services will design, print, and even market your book. Be sure to get an ISBN number, which you need to sell your work commercially.

Step 4

You're an author Copies can arrive within weeks. List the title with and Many trade groups also feature online bookstores.

Step 5

Rev up the promotion machine Send out review copies, but make sure you're targeting the right people. And remember: You're not promoting a book, you're promoting yourself.