Any cell phone can fetch sports scores, but with Sanyo's MVP you can follow every play, manage your fantasy team, and watch the latest video highlights. Sanyo designed the phone for ESPN's new cellular service, set to launch nationwide this Super Bowl Sunday. It piggybacks on Sprint's broadband network to deliver a SportsCenter-like experience at high speeds. The best part is the icon-based Sideline menu, which lets you jump from, say, live polls to your favorite team's homepage. The handset has some nice highlights too: It comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone, stereo sound, a voice recorder, and an MP3 player.

The MVP isn't cheap, and pricing plans for ESPN Mobile start at $65 a month, which includes 35MB of data transfer. Plus, heavy users will probably want to upgrade the miniSD memory card from 16MB to 1GB ($105). But no other phone is optimized to download postgame video interviews, the Monday Night Football ring tone, and the Madden NFL 06 video game.