Leapfrog Ventures

Menlo Park, Calif.

Fund size: Two $100 million funds

Current portfolio: 10 companies

Portfolio makeup: Mostly technology companies that provide a range of tools from enterprise software to long-range wireless networking

Quote: "Our challenge is to give money to entrepreneurs without disenfranchising them," says managing partner Peter Rip. "When an entrepreneur starts acting like an employee, we're screwed."

Union Square Ventures

Fund size: $125 million

Current portfolio: Three companies

Portfolio makeup: Includes a search engine for job listings, a company that creates online advertising, and a provider of financial information

Quote: "I think every VC enjoys participating in helping build disruptive companies," says partner Brad Burnham. "I'm excited to be in the next wave of capital that will get us back to the kinds of 10x returns we expect."

Published on: Feb 1, 2006