No, the market for initial public offerings isn't what it used to be, but 44 percent of this year's Inc. 500 CEOs say they would like to take their company public someday. And five have done so in 2006. (Another three companies have filed paperwork indicating they may float an offering by year's end.) Here are the new publicly traded companies--with ticker symbols, in case you want to own a sampler of this year's Inc. 500.

LoopNet (LOOP) No. 429
High: $19.92
Low: $14.11
Recent: $15.25
A San Francisco-based commercial real estate broker

NightHawk Radiology Services (NHWK) No. 43
High: $27.50
Low: $15.75
Recent: $20.32
A provider of radiology services in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Omniture (OMTR) No. 67
High: $7.98
Low: $5.60
Recent: $6.90
A software and IT services company in Orem, Utah

Visicu (EICU) No. 52
High: $25.92
Low: $13.80
Recent: $15.70
A health care technology company in Baltimore

Western Refining (WNR) No. 170
High: $23.06
Low: $14.33
Recent: $21.52
An oil refiner in El Paso, Texas