The two largest companies on this year's Inc. 500 are the biggest ever to make the list--and the third and fourth companies in Inc. 500 history to crack the billion-dollar mark. In all, 14 companies topped $200 million in annual revenue, compared with 11 last year.

Western Refining $3.4 billion in revenue
Rank: 170
Sector: Energy $1.26 billion
Rank: 376
Sector: Computers and Electronics

Schaller Anderson $505.3 million
Rank: 446
Sector: Health

MXenergy $326.1 million
Rank: 370
Sector: Energy

Infonxx $308 million
Rank: 477
Sector: Telecommunications

Century Gaming $279.9 million
Rank: 164
Sector: Business Services $251.6 million
Rank: 79
Sector: Retail

Ancillary Care Management $232.6 million
Rank: 9
Sector: Health

C&B Services $225.2 million
Rank: 27
Sector: Environmental Services

2Wire $219.6 million
Rank: 256
Sector: Telecommunications