The Original Insanity Sauce
"We've played with the label quite a bit. People tell us that it says we're full of energy and have a sense of humor. It tells them that we're real. The packaging matches the product. I personally have always been attached to the chili pepper with sunglasses."

Palette dessert sauce and spice rub
"The tab says handwork. People who buy specialty foods want artisan, small batch. Creating that feeling visually is more powerful than just saying it on the label. We might fold the Palette line in with the white label."

Chili Today Hot Tamale pretzels
"Chile Today products are slated to come under the Insanity brand. They fit thematically. I think the label is pretty clear-cut."

Lucky Nuts
"Gambling's big now. Every 10th nut is super hot, but they all look alike. I come up with stuff accountants advise against, but it gets a lot of media attention."

J&M Insanity Cheese Straws
"I know J&M through the industry, so when they came up with a hot flavor they came to me. We switched the background to black to give it our stark look."

Gourmet Specialty pasta sauce
"The white label conveys that the product is about simple ingredients. It's not hot. We don't want people to get confused."