The Eisenhower Years
"Remember when food wasn't so hoity-toity? The green circle is a half-tone design element that's very pop art, like Warhol. Very '50s--'60s diner. On the hot sauce, we have a pepper wearing retro sunglasses, which refers to Dave's existing label. It's supposed to be kitschy and campy, nostalgic for a simpler time."

Not Your Ordinary Dave
"We thought that an unassuming guy with such an ordinary name coming up with that ridiculous hot sauce was cool. It's not like his name is Thor. So the idea here is to personify Dave and to evolve his current design architecture: the oval with the graphic and the color bar. This is pretty close to what he's already got--just better."

Superhero Dave
"This keeps with personifying Dave. Depicting him as a chef shows that he is all about the food, but then having fun with it. Food is supposed to be fun. He got into it because it was fun--to fight bland."

Renaissance Dave
"Whenever you see something like Sam Adams beer, there's the patriot from 17-whatever giving you this phony credibility. We wanted to turn that on its head. But at first glance, it doesn't look whacked; it looks like the fancy brand."

King Dave
"The ass kicker. What gourmet brand is talking like Muhammad Ali or Shaft? This one's evocative of tattoos, Harley-Davidson (NYSE:HOG) --the tough guy--while using elements of the original logo with the oval and lines. This says, 'If you're eating Ragu instead of Dave's, you're a sissy."