Dann Ilicic, Wow Branding
We present three price options in our proposals. If they still say we're too expensive, that means we haven't demonstrated the value of what we're doing. Nothing's expensive if it provides you a return greater than the cost.

Peter Click, Click Wine Group
If I hear it in isolation from one customer and have not heard it from others, I'll bring that to their attention. But I'm always mindful of anything market-specific. What works in Atlanta might not work in Portland, Maine.

Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless
I definitely don't give a discount on the spot. I listen and find out why we're perceived as too expensive. But as the CEO, you never go down to the level of pricing discussion. You want the customer to believe your account team has authority.

Tom Szaky, Terracycle
We usually don't get an objection with pricing because we try to figure out what the objections will be way beforehand and address those at the front of the meeting. If they still push back, I always want to know why so I can learn. Maybe we didn't look at the market well enough.