Dann Ilicic, Wow Branding
I ask, What would it take for you to make a decision right now? If it's, We don't have the money, I say, Okay, what if you could pay us in six months? You can tell if they're just hedging.

Peter Click, Click Wine Group
We'd come back in four months with more data from other markets, showing them opportunity costs--because they're missing out. We have to be respectful of their comments when they say, I just don't think we can add this now. But we can also say, Look, we understand, but you guys gotta see this data. Aren't you intrigued now?

Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless
If they say they can't afford it until later, you talk to the account team to see, Do they not have any money right now? Maybe you can work a one-time deal for them.

Tom Szaky, Terracycle
I say great and book the meeting. Then I say, in the interim, we want to grow with you. I ask, What's the hurdle? Why would you not want to carry it this year? I push for a test or some small launch that takes the risk away.