Dann Ilicic, Wow Branding
Those guys are too big. You're a small piece of business to them; to us, you'd be huge.

Peter Click, Click Wine Group
We have to earn our stripes, is what I say.

Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless
That's the No. 1 thing the CEO should address. When people don't think you're going to stick around because you're too small, your background matters. You have to let them know this is not the first time you've run a company. You explain who the investors are and that you have strong financial backing. You go over your team and their credentials.

Tom Szaky, Terracycle
We assure them we've fulfilled orders for the largest retailers in the world, and we've never, ever missed an order. So I tell them, Do a test and try it out. See what you think.