San Antonio

Provides staffing, consulting, and technology support for military medical facilities

G 7,449% R $15.2 million E 358


Accord Engineering

Santa Ana, California

Offers environmental engineering and construction management

G 2,729% R $6.7 million E 15


University Instructors

Richmond, Virginia

Provides supplemental education to students in kindergarten through high school

G 2,562% R $5.6 million E 2,023


Commodity Sourcing Group


Manages the supply chain between hospitals and their vendors

G 2,488% R $24.5 million E 84


Pinnacle Technical Resources


Provides technical staffing, consulting, and custom software for large companies

G 1,422% R $40.9 million E 751



Washington, D.C.

Creates e-mail campaigns, websites, and events to help marketers target business customers

G 1,334% R $3 million E 34


Cenergy Corp.

New Orleans

Provides outsourcing and consulting services for the oil industry

G 1,303% R $16.9 million E 28


Miscor Group

South Bend, Indiana

Maintains and repairs electrical and mechanical apparatus in large plants

G 1,299% R $46.3 million E 402



Chester, Pennsylvania

Develops software that helps insurance companies administer policies

G 1,169% R $11.6 million E 73



Washington, D.C.

Provides software development, infrastructure design, and environmental consulting services

G 1,150% R $8 million E 55