Oakland, California

Provides computer network consulting

G 1,068% R $2.4 million E 13


Piston Group


Performs modular assembly for automotive companies

G 932% R $184.8 million E 300


Nuestra Casa Mortgage

Santa Ana, California

Sells real estate, insurance, and financial services to southern California's Latino community

G 895% R $4.4 million E 105


JLW Development


Builds houses and communities in urban areas

G 891% R $19.6 million E 15


ITS Express

Long Island City, New York

Delivers packages around the world for corporate customers

G 859% R $6 million E 40


Dynetech Corp.


Helps companies with new products manage sales, marketing, and customer service

G 814% R $184 million E 550


Asynchrony Solutions

St. Louis

Provides systems integration and custom software to foster collaboration within companies

G 749% R $12.3 million E 61


FirstComp Insurance


Offers workers' compensation insurance for small and midsize businesses

G 740% R $124.8 million E 228


Marketing Informatics


Performs direct marketing services, from information gathering through printing and mailing

G 728% R $6.1 million E 34




Provides voice-over-Internet communications

G 725% R $132.5 million E 135