Matches technology specialists with employers

G 664% R $9.1 million E 202


National Logistics Management


Handles freight shipments and provides a Web-based system for carriers to bid on jobs

G 623% R $183.5 million E 193


Schaller Anderson


Offers management, administrative, and consulting services to health care programs

G 607% R $505.3 million E 1,619


Numi Organic Tea

Oakland, California

Sells organic and fair-trade-certified teas

G 573% R $6 million E 33


Logistics Plus

Erie, Pennsylvania

Manages global freight for companies

G 566% R $27.3 million E 130


Focus Solutions


Provides administrative, back office, and management functions for legal environments

G 559% R $7.1 million E 158


Cynergy Data

New York City

Handles credit card processing and other electronic payment services for merchants

G 534% R $39.9 million E 160


Beacon Occupational Health and Safety Services

Anchorage, Alaska

Helps companies develop employee drug, alcohol, and occupational safety programs

G 520% R $7 million E 86


Integrated Management Services

Jackson, Mississippi

Designs, builds, and manages infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges

G 519% R $13.6 million E 320


Kauffman and Associates

Spokane, Washington

Provides management consulting and marketing to help promote American Indian interests

G 509% R $3.1 million E 40