Worcester, Massachusetts

Sells light bulbs and related items to businesses online

G 348% R $8.1 million E 35


The Paper Plate


Supplies meals and cafeteria services to public charter schools and private schools

G 332% R $3.5 million E 52


Absolute Machinery Corp.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Supplies plastic-processing equipment

G 327% R $3.4 million E 11


Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers


Runs live and online auctions

G 322% R $19.1 million E 58


Raining Rose

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Manufactures and sells all-natural body products including lip balms and soaps

G 321% R $3.2 million E 34


EnviroWaste Services Group


Inspects, cleans, and rehabilitates storm and sewer systems and contaminated sites

G 308% R $4 million E 34



Washington, D.C.

Provides application development, systems integration, and document-management services

G 282% R $3.9 million E 37



Lexington, Kentucky

Provides Internet access services

G 268% R $2.6 million E 13




Manufactures checkout counters, product showcases, and other retail fixtures

G 255% R $18.9 million E 81


Four Hands


Imports and makes furniture and sells it wholesale to department stores and other retailers

G 254% R $29.1 million E 69