Afram Corp.

St. Louis

Offers project management, architectural design, and engineering design

G 250% R $5.2 million E 51


Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation


Supplies professional limousine service to financial executives, entertainers, and other VIPs

G 248% R $21.7 million E 270


Transportation Solutions


Operates shuttle buses for medical centers, universities, and other institutions

G 248% R $4.2 million E 71


Extreme Pizza

San Francisco

Makes pizzas with unusual toppings and sells them through its own restaurant chain

G 247% R $13.3 million E 800


Ascellon Corp.


Provides information technology consulting to government and commercial customers

G 245% R $5.6 million E 53


YourTell America

Kansas City, Missouri

Offers cell, home-phone, and pager services on a prepaid model

G 244% R $24.1 million E 107



Amarillo, Texas

Analyzes and cleans groundwater and soil contaminated by chemicals

G 239% R $14.9 million E 89


Matrix Solutions


Provides software that helps media companies manage advertising sales

G 238% R $3.4 million E 29


Smalls Electrical Construction

Brooklyn, New York

Provides electrical contracting, including work for New York's transit authorities

G 237% R $4.8 million E 25




Offers records management, including bar-code tracking, scanning, and shredding

G 231% R $6.5 million E 59