DDM Direct


Provides advertising, marketing, database- management, printing, and mailing services

G 229% R $8.3 million E 130


Prime Equipment Group

Columbus, Ohio

Designs, manufactures, and sells poultry processing equipment

G 228% R $5.9 million E 37


ABC Towing


Provides towing services

G 224% R $1 million E 21


Colorlab Custom Cosmetics

Rockford, IIlinois

Manufactures and sells custom cosmetics through private-label and its own brands

G 218% R $2.8 million E 36


Detroit Electrical Services


Installs and maintains lighting, power distribution, security, and other electrical systems

G 211% R $15.1 million E 60


Merrit Press

Norfolk, Virginia

Provides commercial printing: direct mail, newspaper inserts, posters, and coupons

G 205% R $3.8 million E 25




Builds and renovates custom homes

G 201% R $18.7 million E 68


Parking Solutions of NC

Charlotte, North Carolina

Manages parking for lots and garages including shuttle and valet services and traffic control

G 200% R $2.5 million E 225




Builds, manages, and maintains military housing

G 198% R $32.1 million E 250


Elan Organic Coffees

San Diego

Imports organically grown coffees through partnerships with village co-ops

G 198% R $8.2 million E 10