Rockford, Illinois

Manages procurement of maintenance and operations products for government agencies

G 193% R $163.8 million E 111


A.M.E.'s Uniforms

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sells uniforms to postal workers

G 192% R $6.4 million E 23




Provides multicultural marketing and general advertising services

G 192% R $2.9 million E 13


Click Wine Group


Imports, markets, and sells wine

G 186% R $29.4 million E 29


Intercosmos Media Group

New Orleans

Offers online services including Web hosting and development and merchant accounts

G 181% R $28.4 million E 54


Integrated Media Technologies


Installs security and voice and data networks

G 179% R $3.1 million E 31


Mosaica Education

New York City

Operates charter schools around the country and in the Middle East

G 176% R $93.9 million E 1216


Oakleaf Waste Management

East Hartford, Connecticut

Creates and implements customized programs for disposing of trash

G 175% R $231.8 million E 285


Bevilacqua Research Corp.

Huntsville, Alabama

Provides artificial intelligence and knowledge-management systems

G 169% R $3.7 million E 52


Sun Coast Resources


Supplies fuel, oil, chemicals, and lubricant products

G 169% R $867.9 million E 298