Phyllis Wheatley Education Centers


Operates child-care centers for preschoolers in Baltimore

G 169% R $1.4 million E 29


Nobel Systems

San Bernardino, California

Helps businesses manage and analyze geographic information

G 166% R $3.5 million E 21


ProActive Business Solutions

Oakland, California

Manages technology and office relocations for midsize to large companies

G 157% R $7.3 million E 132


R.W. Garcia Co.

San Jose, California

Manufactures tortilla chips

G 154% R $17 million E 80


United Personnel Services

Springfield, Massachusetts

Provides temporary and full-time staffing, project management, and recruiting

G 146% R $11.1 million E 2,312


Sun Cleaning Systems


Provides janitorial and other cleaning services to businesses

G 145% R $8.1 million E 471


Selrico Services

San Antonio

Supplies food service and facilities management to military and commercial customers

G 142% R $53.5 million E 477



San Diego

Advises governments and businesses on real estate development

G 138% R $13.1 million E 92


On-Target Supplies & Logistics


Manages warehouse and delivery services and procurement of business supplies

G 136% R $36.1 million E 165


Reardon Pallet Co.

Kansas City, Missouri

Manufactures and recycles wood pallets

G 134% R $3.5 million E 19