Spex Precision Machine Technologies

Rochester, New York

Manufactures machined parts

G 130% R $7.7 million E 31


Desert Fleet-Serv


Provides mobile on-site service and repair for fleets of diesel trucks and trailers

G 129% R $3.6 million E 26


ABNA Engineering

St. Louis

Handles construction design and management

G 122% R $7 million E 68


Flour Bakery & Café


Sells baked goods and lunch items

G 121% R $1.7 million E 32


Telecommunications Development Corp.

Washington, D.C.

Provides training and support for a variety of telecommunications and technology systems

G 120% R $6.3 million E 33


High End Products

Santa Ana, California

Builds high-end and custom motorcycle seats

G 118% R $3.9 million E 52


Christy Webber & Co.


Offers landscape design, construction, and maintenance, chiefly in urban locations

G 117% R $10.5 million E 150


The Integral Group


Develops residential, commercial, and mixed- use real estate projects in urban markets

G 116% R $54.7 million E 275


HFS Consultants

Oakland, California

Consults with health care facilities on financial, strategic, and organizational issues

G 116% R $8.8 million E 110


All Copy Products


Sells and services copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and other office products

G 115% R $19 million E 11