New York City

Here's a story about buyer's remorse that has a happy ending. In 2004, Craig and Randy Rubin, the husband and wife co-principals of Crypton Super Fabrics, a $25 million developer of high-tech textiles, bought a unit in a not yet completed high rise in New York City's midtown neighborhood. "When we got into the building, the space didn't feel like us. It wasn't what we saw on paper," recalls Randy. "We said, 'We're not moving in." Then condominiums on the top four floors of the building went up for sale. "We walked in one of them, and both of us just knew," she says. "It was out of our price range, but fortunately, we were able to sell the other one for a big profit, which we put toward this one."

Now the 2,500-square-foot space, with three bedrooms (a fourth was converted into a study) and four bathrooms, serves as a second residence when the Rubins are away from their home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, near Crypton's headquarters in West Bloomfield. The condo also acts as a show room for customers as well as temporary housing when one of Crypton's 62 employees is in town on business. After interviewing more than 15 interior designers, the couple chose Ghislaine Viñas because "she understood we wanted to use fabric in as many ways as possible," says Randy, who also made one non-work-related request. "Because our 9-year-old twin granddaughters come to visit, it had to be kid-friendly."

The View
"The apartment is minimal, and the furniture is low and unobtrusive. We have the East River and New York skyline to look at."

The Fabrics
"The chairs, sofas, office wall, headboards, beds, and pillows are upholstered in Crypton fabric, which resists stains, moisture, bacteria, mold, mildew, and odors."

The Entertainment
"The TVs are in the bedrooms. In the living room, the focus is on other people. If we want to watch television together, we crowd into the master bedroom."

The Light
"One wall of the living room is floor-to-ceiling glass. We get great east and north light all day long."

The Budget
"Anyone can spend a lot of money. Creativity comes when you don't. We bought a few important pieces, like the $15,000 silk rug in the living room. The ceramics on the dining table were $3 each from Chinatown."

The Furniture
"We like things that have angles--they're architectural and beautiful. The coffee table was designed by Camila Vega."

The Art
"The portrait of Craig's mother standing by a wicker chair is by Otto Duecker. The funky chandelier is a takeoff on the grandiose, elaborate styles."