Approach: Send a message to multiple people with a single call.

Pro: In addition to the voice recording, Pinger sends an e-mail and text message with a link to an audio file.

Con: No transcription

Price: Free for now


Approach: Users record a message, which is transcribed and e-mailed to contacts.

Pro: Recipients can quickly scan transcription for important information.

Con: Only for outgoing messages

Price: Free for now


Approach: Logs in to all of your voice mail accounts and e-mails you a link to your messages.

Pro: No need to change your phone number

Con: No transcription

Price: Free for basic service


Approach: Uses software to transcribe your voice mails and sends them as e-mails and text messages.

Pro: Check messages while in a meeting.

Con: Not totally accurate

Price: $9.95 per month for 40 transcriptions. Enterprise pricing also available.


Approach: Links all of your phone lines under one new number

Pro: Use only one voice mail box.

Con: To use all the features, you have to change your number.

Price: Free for now