• I just watched some of the videos you have posted about people hurting ferrets. One person was even murdering one. How could you put this on your site?...Ferrets are sweet, precious lil exotic babies who are no harm to anyone....You should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you suffer just like the ferrets did.

  • Where are all the videos? I can't watch anything on your site...

  • Would it be possible for us to add an information video about our upcoming Bike-a-thon fundraising event? We are trying to raise $2 million this year. If so how do we go about uploading it? Thanks!

  • where r da videos? youtube rox man, but what heppen to videos?

  • You currently have a video...[that] may contain child porn as the people in it are under age. Please remove it from the site. Could you please also advise me if you are able, who uploaded it onto your site.

Published on: Aug 1, 2007