How do Inc. 500 honorees see themselves? As lone heroes fighting the forces of evil (à la Jack Bauer, from 24)? As good-natured klutzes (Jack Tripper from Three's Company)? Or as extroverted funny guys (Jack Black)? To get a personality snapshot of this year's Inc. 500, we asked these high achievers which fictional or real Jack they identified with the most. Jack Bauer placed first. Here's what some of the CEOs had to say about their choices:

"Hmm. I'd hope Jack Bauer. But I'm probably closer to Jack Tripper!"

"Jack Nicholson. Versatile and fearless. And who can ever say that guy is boring?"

"Jackie Chan. Success usually requires some ass-kicking."

"Jack Bauer, because business is war."

"Jackie Onassis. Classy, hard-working, humble."

"Jack Shephard [from Lost]. I'm just as confused about how I got here."