1. Know how your leads are being gathered. Some lead generation firms use deceptive marketing practices. Any honest company will show you how leads are collected. Make sure yours are legit and that none of your contacts were, say, tricked into giving up their phone numbers and e-mail addresses by the promise of prizes.
  2. Look beyond the cost per lead. Don't let the price be the sole determining factor as you evaluate potential partners. It's also important to make sure your competitors won't be receiving the same leads you do and that the individuals sent your way are actually interested in your product or service. Your best shot is to work with a lead generation company that uses only opt-in offers, meaning consumers must check a box specifying that they'd like to hear from you.
  3. Track and analyze your results. To evaluate the success of your online lead generation campaign, you must carefully monitor your results. Was the information accurate? What were the conversion rates? How much revenue did your leads generate? With a detailed analysis, you'll know if the new sales you drum up are worth the cost or if you should find other lead providers.
  4. Make it snappy. The quality of a lead diminishes with each passing day. Make sure that any lead generation company you work with has the technology and resources to deliver new leads in a timely fashion. For that matter, make sure that you, too, have the resources to follow up with every lead you're sent. If your prospects don't remember who you are, you've lost your shot.