When we last checked on Hayden Hamilton, his company, GreenPrint, had yet to land a big sale of its eco-minded GreenPrint software, which helps conserve paper and ink in printers ("How to Launch a Cool, Profitable, Worth-All-the-Risk, Kick-Ass Start-up (And Live to Brag About It), July 2007). To advise Hamilton, we enlisted Tim Gill, the founder of Quark. Gill focused on pricing: He warned that both the consumer version of GreenPrint's software, at $35, and the business version, at $70, might be too expensive. Since then, Hamilton has made a number of moves. He launched a free Web-based ad-supported version of the software, which 22,000 users downloaded in the first 14 days. He struck a deal with Xerox (NYSE:XRX) for the software to be bundled with Xerox's green line of printers. And he hooked up with a new distributor, which he expects will place his software in big-box stores across the country -- priced at $29.95 -- by summer. Meanwhile, Hamilton is starring in The Expat, a Filipino version of The Apprentice, where the winner will get a sales job at GreenPrint. Hamilton, who fills the Donald Trump role, is eschewing Trump's signature combover; that much hairspray can't be good for the environment.