One of Janine Popick's first jobs was at an ad agency in New York City, dreaming up marketing strategies for romance novels. When she moved to the West Coast, she landed marketing gigs at tech companies, and in 2001 she founded Vertical Response, which helps some 40,000 small businesses create their own slick e-mail marketing campaigns. It also helps companies create and mail postcards. Last year, revenue at the 55-person company reached $8.6 million.

Things I Can't Live Without

MacBook Air
"I have 25 Macs. I keep them all; someday maybe I'll have a museum. I'd been dying for a Mac that takes note of the business traveler. The MacBook Air is finally here for us."

Christian Louboutin shoes
"I have a bit of an obsession with shoes. These heels are 5 inches. Not for a normal day at the office, but definitely for a business dinner."

Mini Cooper
"It has a racing-flag roof. It's fun to drive and totally goes with my personality. I was manic about getting this car. There was a waiting list in San Francisco, so I hopped on a plane and got one in Long Beach."

What I Covet

A basset hound puppy
"I had two basset hounds. Two years ago, I lost the 17-year-old, Buster, to old age, and last year we lost the 11-year-old, Stanley, to cancer. I want a puppy, but I can't have one in my life right now. My husband is building a start-up. We're constantly on the road. We probably shortchanged Buster and Stanley the last few years. I wouldn't want to do that to a puppy."
From about $150 to $1,200 each,