Arthur Lubow met Randall Grahm, the owner of Bonny Doon Vineyard, at an event last fall honoring Chicago restaurateur Charlie Trotter. "Almost all the wine was Bonny Doon," says Lubow. "I thought it was interesting that a major chef regarded Bonny Doon so highly, but what was more interesting was that Randall himself wasn't as satisfied with his wines as other people seemed to be." Lubow's story about Bonny Doon's radical transformation, "The Do-Over," is here. He regularly writes about art and architecture for The New York Times Magazine and Smithsonian.

How do you capture the perfect shot in only 45 seconds -- while falling from 12,000 feet? It's just another day's work for Iwan van der Schoor, who photographed David Becker, president of the design firm Philippe Becker (Passions), as he leaped from a plane near Davis, California. The camera is mounted on a modified helmet, so Van der Schoor can keep his hands free, and he snaps the photo with his tongue. He has made more than 2,000 jumps with his camera. In July 2006, in Rosharon, Texas, he photographed 16 free- flying skydivers whose jump set a state record.

Donna Fenn discovered ScanDigital, one of the start-ups profiled in our cover story, when she was conducting research for her upcoming book, Upstarts: How the Entrepreneurial Generation Is Rocking the World of Business ScanDigital scans old photos and puts them online. "I've got a ton of family photos stuffed in closets," Fenn says. "I would certainly trust ScanDigital with them." Fenn's last story for Inc. was about CEO apologies. Check out her blog, The Entrepreneurial Generation, here.

For this month's Elevator Pitch, Tess Taylor interviewed architect Brett Zamore, who has designed a compact, stylish kit home. Taylor was impressed with the home's aesthetic but even more taken by Zamore's drive. "He's responding to the housing crisis with something that's innovative, yet modest and sweet," says Taylor, who is also a prizewinning poet and has written extensively about garbage. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker.

Michael Lavine has photographed a long list of celebrities, including Cher, Keith Richards, and, more recently, Miley Cyrus. But he was particularly excited to meet Erin McKenna , founder of vegan bakery BabyCakes NYC, whom he shot for this month's cover along with restaurateur Tom Colicchio. McKenna's store, it turns out, is a Lavine family favorite. "We had BabyCakes for my daughter's birthday," says Lavine. His work has appeared in Men's Vogue and Lucky. A book of his photographs of Seattle street punks from the 1980s will be published next fall.