In 2002, Ted Dennard turned his beekeeping hobby into a full-time honey-making operation. Now, instead of tending to hives himself, Dennard contracts with beekeepers around the world. He often travels to sample their wares, primarily in Florida and Georgia, where the company's bestseller, tupelo honey, is made. Last year Savannah Bee, which has annual sales of $1.9 million and a staff of 17, sold 130,000 pounds of honey through gourmet retailers.

Sea Hunt Triton 196

"When you live five miles from the ocean, you've got to have a boat. This one can float in shallow water, and it has high walls, which is safer for our four kids."

Big Green Egg grill

"You can smoke a turkey for 12 hours on this thing, and it's perfect. You can flash-cook a pizza in two minutes at 700 degrees."

Donald Takayama In the Pink longboard

"Takayama is one of the greatest surfers, and I thought, If he can make it for himself, it's good enough for me. Even though it's a longboard, it's high performance. You can take it on giant waves and small waves."

What I Covet

Grumman G-21 Goose
"I read that Jimmy Buffett flies his Grumman seaplane to different islands and fishes off the wings. I thought, Good God, that sounds cool! Of course, I'd magically know how to fly. I'd land it and surf right off the back." About $3 million,