The Speedy E-mailer

The new BlackBerry Bold blows away its predecessors with a blazing 624-megahertz processor (double the speed of the one in the Curve), a sleek interface, a high-resolution display, and superfast 3G mobile Net access and Wi-Fi connectivity. There's even GPS to help you find your next meeting. About $300 to $400;

The Noise Blocker

When you're traveling, important calls often can't wait until you can duck into a quiet room. The new Jawbone, which employs the same technology used in military headsets, will drown out those honking horns and loud airport announcements. And at about 2 inches long, the wireless headset is 50 percent smaller than its predecessor. It comes with various sizes of earbuds and earloops to ensure a comfortable fit. $129;

The Juicer

With the Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100, you don't need to hunt for an outlet when you get to the airport gate. The 1.1-pound lithium-ion battery lends an extra two hours of life to laptops and 18 hours to cell phones. Unlike most portable chargers, it includes an AC outlet and two USB ports, so there's no need to buy pricey tips. $149;

The Interpreter

Don't speak the language? Ectaco iTravl can translate and speak more than 70,000 phrases in eight languages, including Chinese. It also includes a built-in Fodor's travel guide and a language tutor that will help you get down the basics during your flight. $599;