Ross Perot and his charts are back. Sixteen years after his failed presidential bid, the founder of EDS has launched a website,, to build awareness about once-again runaway federal spending. Warns Perot: "Not since the Great Depression have we seen an economic crisis of the magnitude we are seeing today."... A panel of judges in Monte Carlo has selected Dr. Jean-Paul Clozel, co-founder of the Swiss biotech firm Actelion Pharmaceuticals, as the 2008 Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year. Actelion develops small-molecule drugs to treat pulmonary disorders and Gaucher disease....FedEX (NYSE:FDX) has decided to deep-six the Kinko's name, to the chagrin of Paul Orfalea, the founder of the copy-shop chain. "The news hit me hard," he said in a statement. The move hit FedEx pretty hard as well; the company is taking an $891 million charge....Segway inventor Dean Kamen has created a customizable prosthetic arm that can be controlled by nerves and muscles. It has been named the "Luke arm" after a scene from Star Wars....Sheila C. Johnson, president of the WNBA's Washington Mystics, has helped fund a new home for the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame. "Managing a sports team is the hardest thing I've ever done," says Johnson, who also co-founded BET. "This year, I think we're finally on track with our business plan."...Leonardo DiCaprio has agreed to play Nolan Bushnell in a film about the entrepreneur who founded Atari and Chuck E. Cheese and who was famously Steve Jobs's boss. "I've been pitched probably 20 times to do this story," Bushnell says. "These guys were the first who really got it right."