"Laid back with a single focus: the client. I wear sandals and shorts to work and lock people out of meetings when they're late."

-- Ron Huber, Achieve Internet

"I'm a big believer in getting everyone involved in decision making, but once the path is chosen and communicated, I expect everyone to get the job done without additional supervision."

-- Kevin Burke, Centuria

"Velvet fist: a cross between velvet glove and iron fist."

-- Steve Munroe, SANBlaze Technology

"I do not believe in micromanaging. I give people enough rope to climb to the next level. Unfortunately, some decide to hang themselves with it."

-- Jonathan Fine, Sting Surveillance

"General George Patton said it something like this: Never tell people how to do things. Tell 'em what needs doing, and they'll surprise you with their ingenuity."

-- Derek LaFavor, SellingSource

"Very hands on. Too much, actually -- I overcommit myself and do not delegate as much as I should."

-- Daniel LaBroad, Ovation Health & Life Services

"I have an authoritarian leadership style. I think I am fair and consistent, but I know what needs to be done and pay my employees well, so I expect quality."

-- Anthony Jimenez, MicroTech

"I tried different approaches, from being a friend to demanding excellence, but I have found the single best way to lead is to show respect to your staff and allow them to grow in their positions."

-- David Aitken, Heritage Web Solutions

"JFDI: Just f*$@ing do it."

-- Trey Hollingsworth, Hollingsworth Capital Partners