Last year, we celebrated the 26th anniversary of the Inc. 500. One of the ways we marked the occasion was by expanding the list tenfold, creating the first-ever Inc. 5000. The move has allowed us to dig deeper into the entrepreneurial economy than we -- and, quite possibly, any other business publication -- ever have. This year's list, we are pleased to report, is even more robust than our debut effort.

On the following pages, you will find some of the more compelling statistics in this year's Inc. 5000. For loads more data, head to, where we have assembled Top 100 lists by metro area and industry, special features on the key trends reflected in this year's roster, stories on some of the more notable companies, and a profile page for each of the 5,000 businesses on the list. Take a look: We think you will gain some insights that will help your own business thrive in the years ahead.

Total revenue: $187 billion

Median revenue: $9.9 million

Median growth rate: 147%

Median number of employees: 50

Start Networking

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