As told to Ryan Mccarthy

Industry Leader: Software

Three-Year Growth: 5,598.5%

Omar Sayed knows what it takes to build a small business on the Web. Since opening its doors in 2001, his Mesa, Arizona -- based company, which sells e-commerce software for entrepreneurs, has helped more than 50,000 small businesses find their footing in cyberspace.

My Background

Mother's occupation: Schoolteacher

Father's occupation: Electrical engineer

Hometown: Born in Shimla, India; grew up in Florida and Texas

Previous jobs: In 1992, I founded Mirador Merchandising, an Orlando-based company that imported and exported corporate gifts. I sold my share of the business to a colleague in 1994 and founded Meridian One Technologies, a software and IT consultancy in Phoenix that I still own.

My Company

What it does: I've always been into helping entrepreneurs, people who've dreamed of being in business. Succeed Corp. takes all the things an entrepreneur needs to conduct commerce online -- things like building a website, product sourcing, and marketing -- and puts it all into one platform. Today, we have more than 50,000 customers and are adding 2,500 customers a month. We're entirely self-funded.

Where I get my inspiration: I always try to think of myself as the customer: If I, as an entrepreneur, wouldn't use the product I'm designing, then I know something's wrong.

What I lose sleep over: I'm always thinking about how to evolve. How do we not only stay relevant three years from now but continue to lead the way in our industry?

The best part of my job: I'm a big-picture person. I like to see the concept we're working on in its entirety. I feel best when I'm in concept mode and working with a variety of teams, switching gears and driving the vision of the company. I like the freedom of being able to imagine things.

The worst part of my job: Getting employees to think two or three years down the line

My last vacation: I really can't remember the last vacation I took. When you're driving this business, it just doesn't feel like work.

What's Next

In the next two years, we'll be launching three new products, including online auction software and information security and marketing platforms. We have growth ahead of us, but it's not a straight path. It's a process of bringing the fragmented market of entrepreneurs and small-business owners together.