1. Amir Amirfar and Associates
    Amir Amirfar
    The head of this architectural and engineering consulting firm came to the U.S. at age 1 with his Persian father and Armenian mother.
  2. Glispa Media
    Gary Lin
    Prior to founding Glispa, Lin helped Grey Worldwide set up teams in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai.
  3. Red Ventures
    Ricardo Elias
    A native of Puerto Rico, Elias came to the U.S. to go to college in Boston. Now, his online marketing firm is expanding into Latin America.
  4. StrataLight Communications
    Shri Dodani
    Dodani was born in Gujarat, in western India. StrataLight, which makes subsystems for optical transmissions, has employees from more than 25 countries.
  5. Vizio
    William Wang
    Wang, whose company makes flat-panel TV screens, came to California from Taiwan at 14; he knew no English.
  6. Walz Certified Mail Solutions
    Mohan Tavorath
    Born in India, Tavorath worked at numerous financial services firms before taking the CEO spot at Walz, which manages certified mail for corporations and law firms.
  7. LeGacy Resource Corporation
    Chiquita Young
    IT consultant Young was the first person in her family to attend college. (See "Top 10 Woman-Run Companies," previous page.)
  8. iTrendz
    Murali Alam
    Alam joined iTrendz as a partner shortly after earning his master's. Now he runs the show.
  9. enrich IT
    Arul Murugan
    Murugan, an Indian immigrant, founded this company, which provides enterprise software consulting systems, in 2003.
  10. 1 Source Consulting
    William R. Teel Jr.
    Teel's firm provides IT consulting to the federal government.