Leave it to the guy who makes unmanned surveillance drones to seek out a special deal. When Steve Sliwa of Insitu sold his Bingen, Washington, company to Boeing (NYSE:BA), the defense conglomerate agreed to let him run it as an independent business, something Boeing had done only rarely in the past and never with a defense-related company. "We're among the first ones they're doing this experiment with, so we feel some pressure not to screw it up," Sliwa says....Dany Levy's New York City -- based e-mail newsletter company, DailyCandy, has been acquired by Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) for a reported $125 million. "It's exciting to be relieved of some of the day-to-day activities like line editing and instead think about the company's future and places we should be that we're not, both conceptually and geographically," says Levy....Sid Craig has died at 76. Along with his wife, he built the Jenny Craig weight-loss-center chain, which Nestlé acquired for $600 million in 2006. "He was an idea man and a genius at advertising and marketing," Jenny says. "Me, on the other hand: I have always been a detail person. So that worked well for us. In our 30-year marriage, I don't think we had two disagreements."...The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres October 7, and this installment of the reality series features Lisa Wu-Hartwell, wife of NFL linebacker Ed Hartwell and the owner of local real estate, jewelry, and children's clothing businesses. How does she juggle all this and a TV show? "In leadership," she says, "you have to know when to pass the buck."