Kenny Moscot's great-grandfather started selling eyeglasses out of a pushcart more than 100 years ago. Now, Moscot and his brother, Harvey, run the family eyewear business. Moscot's collection of thick-rimmed glasses -- inspired by vintage designs from the company archives -- have adorned famous faces such as Johnny Depp's and Denzel Washington's. Last year, the company, which employs 40 and runs three stores in New York City, had sales of nearly $6 million.

My camera

"I am naked without this. I like capturing the spontaneity of the city. The wide-angle lens on this Leica D-Lux 3 lets me get more into the frame." $599,

My Watch

"Two years ago, my dad gave me this Omega Seamaster off his wrist on Father's Day. He bought it 40 years ago. I'd always loved it. I'm very proud that it was his." About $1,000,

My Bike

"There's nothing better than my ride home over the Brooklyn Bridge. I do my best thinking in the saddle. This Specialized Langster Chicago is extremely lightweight, comfortable to ride, and very fast." $740,

What I Covet

A chalet in Courchevel, France

"I want a six-bedroom chalet for family retreats. In the winter, we'd go skiing. In the summer, we'd go cycling and watch the Tour de France. We'd eat chocolate croissants year round." $19 million to $50 million,