Rock 'n' Roll, Part 2

Mindy Harvey's rock 'n' roll fantasy came true in August when her company, Ultimate Ears ("More Volume!" June 2007), was acquired by the Swiss company Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) for $34 million in cash. Jerry Harvey, Mindy's husband when the two founded the company in 1995, was a sound man for Van Halen; he relied on feedback from that band and others to develop the noise-reducing inner-ear monitors that made Ultimate Ears the gold standard for musicians. With Jerry fine-tuning the product and Mindy handling operations and rock-star relations, Ultimate Ears became the cochlear favorite of artists as diverse as the Rolling Stones, Gnarls Barkley, and Kenny Chesney. Mindy and Jerry were divorced in the company's early years but kept the business intact.

In 2005, Ultimate Ears brought in the investment holding company Innovate Partners and pondered selling the company down the line. Jerry Harvey decided not to wait; he sold his shares last year and founded JH Audio, which specializes in aviation headsets. The majority of Ultimate Ears employees are staying on, but Mindy says she will be gone by year's end.